Sliced Bread is a seriously easy to use website content management solution. Called Sliced Bread because we believe it's the best thing since sliced bread for managing your website.

Build your Site

The website is designed using traditional website design techniques and you can use whatever your favorite web design tool is, or get a professional to design the site for you. The templates and main images of the site are imported into the site. Then the pages of your site are added into Sliced Bread along with the content.

Surf to a Page

You log into Sliced Bread and getting around is simple, you just surf to the normal web page that they you want to edit. You donít have to hunt down complex lists of pages, itís just as easy as surfing your normal site.

Edit the Content

When you want to edit a page you simply click on the Edit button on the page and the content pops up in a rich text editor. You make the changes, copy and pasting content, inserting images or linking to other pages of your site. When you are done, just save the changes and you are can preview the page.

Publish the Changes

Publishing the changes is simple, just click on the publish icon and a list of pending pages is displayed. Choose the pages to publish (or you can choose them all) and then click Publish!

Control your Website

You have total control over your website, you no longer need to pay a web designer to manage the content of your site. When you want to add new content, you can do it yourself. Saving time and saving money!

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